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We like your feedback.  If one of our staff members has gone above and beyond our already extraordinary level of customer service, we would love to hear about it.  We'll post your note here.
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Tony C: Awesome personality and a thorough inspection I could trust. He pointed out all of the necessary repair areas of our new home with professionalism and skill. I would recommend him to any of my friends and clients. Tony is courteous, timely and accommodating to a busy persons schedule. The on site printed inspection report was detailed and thorough as well as understandable. We knew as well as the previous owner's what needed repair.  Karen M.
Thanks Mark for assigning Steve to my inspection.  As we had previously discussed we knew this house had some serious deficiencies.  Steve was great in talking us through them, and explaning things.  The last inspections I've had with other inspection companies were quick and hurried.  Steve took extra time with us.  That was important with the issues the house had.  I just wanted to pass that along to you and Steve.
Unfortunately, we backed out of the deal in the end - But we're going to continue looking, and even look forward to our next inspection.
Charles A
Steve did an excellent job with my inspection last week.  So many times, people call and complain about this and that, so I'm only too ready to write and give positive feedback where and when it is due.  I'll refer my clients to you guys whenever I can.  Keep up your outstanding work!
Macy, Realtor
My compliments to you and your company in regard to the effecient inspection performed at the four-flat building at 33xx N Damen.  I like the way the inspection was split between two inspectors.  I knew the building had structural problems, and both inspectors you sent were knowledgeable and willing to explain things to me in terms I could understand.  The extra time they took for me was much appreciated.   Your team works together well, and does outstanding work.  I will continue to use your firm, and recommend your services to others.
Micke Stover
Description of Work:Steve Wrought conducted two full home inspections for us. Steve first conducted an inspection on a three bedroom duplex. The second inspection was on a four bedroom town home. Both inspections were extremely detailed and thorough. Steve explained everything he was looking for as he went through the inspection and explained, in detail, any issues or home improvement suggestions that he had. Steve was always on time. Scheduling an inspection with the company was very easy by calling. Email may not get through due to spam filtering. The person answering the phones and following up with scheduling the inspection was very nice and efficient. Within 20 minutes an inspector was scheduled for the time that I needed them.
Member Comments:Overall the experience in working with HouseCall Inspections, LLC was great! Everyone that I've had to work with from scheduling the inspections to the actual inspections have been courteous, on-time, efficient, and detail oriented.
Thank you so much for your comments. The solution was very simple and
quickly fixed- that room is simply not a bedroom. We did have an HV/AC
guy come before I e-mail you and he told us he didn't know what the
problem was! Anyway, problem resolved and I will be recommending you
to anyone who mentions being in the housing market. You've been
wonderful!  Jo