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Welcome to HouseCall Inspections. On our site, you will find information on the major aspects of a home inspection and why it is important to choose the right inspector for one of the most important emotional decisions and financial investments that you will ever make.

How We Can Help You
Our inspections enable you to take control of your real estate transaction by:
  • helping you identify potential problems
  • survey the home's condition
  • consider possible repairs and/or updates
  • identify water / gas / electrical disconnects
  • identify future maintenance needs
  • experience confidence and peace of mind about your investment
We Are Impartial and Work For You
Home inspections are our only business. Our job is to provide you with a comprehensive, fair, independent, objective evaluation so that you can understand and take care of your valuable investment.

What To Expect
All of our clients are offered free telephone consultation after the inspection. We encourage you to accompany your inspector during the inspection, which provides an invaluable learning and discovery experience during which your questions can be answered on the spot and you will gain insight into maintenance tailored specifically to your home.

Let Us Help You Make Your Dream a Reality
Part of the American dream is to own your own home. HouseCall Inspections wants to foster that dream by providing the knowledge and reassurance to put you at ease and in control.